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Be an Extraordinary Person in an Ordinary World

Rs 160.00
Orient Paperbacks
150.00 Grams
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About The Book

The people you will meet in this book are life changers. Their stories will motivate you at a deep and profound level. The message they bring to you is that no one of us is an ordinary person...each and everyone of us possesses extraordinary capabilities and immense potential. As Robert Schuller often says, 'God don't make no junk'.

The following are two stories of two extraordinary men.

Extraordinary Attitude: 'I have always wanted to be an intellectual...'

Albert Schweitzer who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1953 for Reverence for Life built a hospital in the jungles of West-Central Africa. One day he asked one of the natives to carry some wood. The native who had been learning to read and write, replied, 'I'd like to, sir, but it's beneath my dignity. I am a scholar, an intellectual.'

Albert Schweitzer chuckled and said, 'I've always wanted to be an intellectual, too, but I never quite made it, so I'll carry the wood!' And he went out and carried the wood.

Extraordinary Value: 'I would wash the dirt from his boots...' said Lincoln

At the height of the civil war, Lincoln and his secretary of war visited the battlefield home of General George McClellan. They waited in the parlour of McClellan's home for the general to return from the front. Finally the door opened and in walked the general. He saw the President and the secretary of war but never acknowledged them. Instead he walked by them and on up the stairs to his room. They assumed he would be down very soon, so they continued to wait. When he did not appear they sent the maid to inquire. She returned and said, 'I'm sorry, Mr. President, but the general asked me to tell you that he is tired and has gone to bed.'

The secretary of war was shocked and said, 'Mr. President, that's unacceptable. You must relieve him of command.' Lincoln thought about it for a minute, then said,'No, I will not relieve him; that man wins battles. I would hold his horse and wash the dirt from his boots if he could shorten the bloodshed by one hour.'


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