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Trading the Markets

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About The Book

Real-Time Market Analysis and Technical Trading Lessons from a Master

This book is a masterclass on how an expert technical trader reads the market on a real-time basis and how price analysis can be converted into actionable trading and investing ideas.

The book is based on Mr. Sukhani's daily newsletters covering a complete bull and bear cycle of the Indian market. In the book's day-to-day analysis, the theatre of the market comes fully alive. It's a roller-coaster ride full of passion and drama and each day ends with the same suspense — What next? Day after day, Mr. Sukhani masterfully answers this all-important question, interpreting the message of the market with classical Dow Theory. In the process, the book highlights and illustrates the key concepts of technical analysis and golden rules of successful trading:

  • How to identify trading opportunities day after day.
  • How to identify the market's trend on a daily basis.
  • How does a trend start; how it ends.
  • How euphoria and panic show up on price charts.
  • How supports break down and how resistance gets dissolved.
  • How to identify chart patterns and set price targets.
  • What bull and bear markets look like; how they begin and end.
  • How to trade the different trends that co-exist in the market.
  • Why following the trend is the most successful method of trading.
  • Identifying and trading market corrections.
  • How to identify and trade ranges.
  • When to exit; rules for profitable exits.
  • How to trade uncertain markets.
  • How to trade and invest in volatile times.
  • When to step aside and not trade.
  • Best trading strategies during a financial crisis.

This book is the nearest thing to being inside a market master's mind — real-time. Every trader and investor will benefit from this master lesson on actionable analysis and technical trading.


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